It’s all about the choices you make and the perspectives you have. Once you have decided to shoot from a specific angle, you have decided how the story will evolve. How the characters will impress. How feelings will find expression. And how every single picture becomes an experience to people.

As a DOP, Editor and Co-Founder of the Film & Motion Design Production OBLIQUE Films , and simply put, as someone who creates those pictures, I take responsibility over all choices with consciousness and respect.

My craft is my daily challenge to understand people in the way they see and act. I put those learnings into the films I create. Every film is a composition of pictures and every modification changes the story it tells and the feelings it causes. Changes made through a single cut, another frame, pause or sound.

To this aspiration of creating experiences, a good feeling for composition is inevitable. Pairing this ability and the fascination for film with the high value of working with and for people makes the whole process of creating priceless.

So I tell stories, with precision and highest aesthetic demands, by creating Branded Content & Commercials for clients like:

Red Bull | Porsche | Ford | Bet at Home | Puls 4 | Casinos Austria | UNIQA

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Paul Freiberger
Zollergasse 8/4
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